Couples Costumes

Couples often do everything together. They go together like peanut butter and jelly; like salt and pepper; like cookies and milk. Couples often find themselves teaming up to tackle life's obstacles together and to navigate the hard times as easily as they celebrate the good times. Halloween is no different. A silly couple who loves to celebrate the holiday might choose to do so together in a way that incorporates matching costumes or costumes that go hand in hand together--much like peanut butter and jelly. The couples costumes found here at Costumes Direct 24/7 are cute and quirky and will definitely let everyone at the party know that you two are together. Such costumes include lettuce and tomato on one costume with bacon on the other for a BLT along with a male and female power outlet to elicit some laughs.

Lock and Key Couples Costume from Halloween Costumes
Cheese & Cracker Costume Set for Couples from Halloween Costumes
Adult Oreo Cookie Costume for Couples from Halloween Costumes
Mr / Mrs Potato Head Plus Size Costume | Toy Story Couple Costumes from Halloween Costumes
Funny Couples Avocado Costume from Halloween Costumes
Yin & Yang Couples Costume from Halloween Costumes
BLT Sandwich Couples Costume for Adults from Halloween Costumes
Battery & Jumper Cables Adult Couples Costume from Halloween Costumes
Plug and Socket Costume - Funny Couples Costume Ideas from Halloween Costumes
Couples Costume - Deer in Headlights from Halloween Costumes
Puzzle Pieces Costume for Couples from Halloween Costumes
Mossy Oak Ring Bearer Pillow Accessories from Halloween Costumes

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