Descendants Costumes

Everyone dreams about being the children of royalty, but could you imagine actually being the descendants of such royalty as the Disney princes and princesses? What about being the children of the evil side of Disney, such as Maleficant? That is what the plot of The Descendants explores, and now with these Descendants costumes, you can see for yourself what portraying these characters feels like by stepping into their shoes for a night. These costumes include Mal Prestige, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ally and CJ characters for you to choose from. They also come with a number of accessories that allow you to really sell the costume, such as wigs, in order to make the costume more realistic. Perfect for both boys and girls, you can't go wrong with these costumes.

Descendants 2 Classic Evie Costume for Kids from Halloween Costumes
Descendants 2 Classic Uma Costume for Girls from Halloween Costumes
Descendants 3 Audrey Girls Wig from Halloween Costumes
Disney Descendants 3 Uma Wig for Girls from Halloween Costumes

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