Halo Costumes

Halo was one of the most iconic games ever made. It took a twist on the classic styles of games that were so often found with first person shooters and added in a story, taking its cues from the way Half Life incorporated stories into their own genre of games before anyone else. The Halo games were huge and developed a huge following that resulted in several different Halo games being made, and these games can still be found and played to this day. Here at Costumes Direct 24/7, we appreciate the impact that Halo had on gaming and have incorporated that into our costumes. Dress up as any of the Halo soldier skins found in the game and enjoy our selection of authentic Halo goggles.

Halo Wars 2 Jerome Classic Muscle Costume for Boys from Halloween Costumes
Master Chief Ultra Prestige Adult Size Costume | Halo Costumes from Halloween Costumes
Angels Halo from Halloween Costumes
Halo Energy Sword from Halloween Costumes
Halo Needler from Halloween Costumes
Prophets Bane Energy Sword Halo Accessory from Halloween Costumes

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