Minion Costumes

Minions are fun to be around, so naturally this is something you’ll want to be when Halloween rolls around. When the time comes to grab the candy and run, Minions know how to do this the best. You can make sure to dress up, laugh and become the minion of choice. Want to be Bob, Dave or Mike? Now you can! Paint your face, smile for the people and don’t let them know your devilish master plans when you go to see them. It is just that easy and can prove to be something that is not only fun, but rewarding when the time comes. Minions are fun, playful and can be a great thing to act out when you throw on the costume. Adults, children and even pets can take part in the fun! Minions have the power behind getting everything done, do you? Dress up as the little minion who helps to take over the world.

Plus Size Dave Minion Costume from Halloween Costumes
Plus Size Minion Bob Costume from Halloween Costumes
Plus Size Minion Kevin Costume from Halloween Costumes
Inflatable Despicable Me Kevin Minion in Santa Hat from Halloween Costumes
Minions Fart N Fire Accessory from Halloween Costumes

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