Superman Costumes

It’s a bird, it’s a plane.... nope you know who it is! If you are a true blue Superman patron you have definitely dreamt of stepping into a phone booth and tearing your clothes to reveal the superman costume underneath. Now you can enact your favorite scene perfectly with our Superman superhero costume, and although the costume does not include the super listening, super strength, and other super powers, we are sure you will find a creative way to emulate the Man of Steel. The Superman costume is decidedly one of the most popular picks and if you do not have Superman’s bulging abs and biceps, psst! We have you covered with the clever detailing that makes you look muscular like the superhero himself. And for all you girl superhero fans, the Supergirl costume is all you need to win the best costume awards along with a couple of hearts!

Classic Mens Premium Superman Costume from Halloween Costumes
Adult Superman Costume Plus Size - Superhero Halloween Costumes from Halloween Costumes
Plus Size Deluxe Dawn of Justice Superman Costume from Halloween Costumes
Plus Size Superman Adult Size Costume from Halloween Costumes
Superman Cape Crew Socks from Halloween Costumes

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